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Michigan State Flags

The Michigan state flag identifies “The Wolverine State” as a land of peace connected by bodies of water.  The flag depicts the Michigan Coat of Arms which honors the influence of Hudson’s Bay Company, one of the earliest fur trading companies in North America.   The blue shield displays the sun rising over a lake and a peninsula. A man with a raised hand holds a long gun which signifies Michigan as a peaceful and welcoming land with the ability to defend itself.  This image, coupled with the Latin saying that means “I will defend”, were of particular importance in 1835 as Michigan troops almost fought a battle against Ohio as tensions grew between the U.S. and British Canada.  An eagle clutching both an arrow and an olive branch reinforce Michigan’s commitment to peace and its ability to defend itself.  

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Michigan Flags are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics. Outdoor Michigan flags are constructed in two fabrics: our exclusive Beacon nylon, a lightweight, durable nylon; and Patriarch Polyester, an extra-tough, long lasting material that has the texture of cotton.  The outdoor Beacon Michigan nylon flag dries quickly and flies in the slightest winds.  The outdoor Patriarch Polyester Michigan flag is extra-tough and built to withstand harsh winds and brutal elements.

 Indoor Michigan state flags are made with beautifully stitched nylon and have an open pole sleeve. Plush, gold fringe accents the remaining three sides. Flag poles are also available in an assortment of choices to create a distinguished look.  Mini 4”x6” and 8”x12”miniature Michigan flags make excellent gifts and come mounted on black plastic staffs with plastic spearheads. American Flag and Michigan state flag lapel pins make great inexpensive tokens to share with others.

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