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Kansas State Flags

The Kansas State flag vividly illustrates the history of “the Sunflower State” and conveys the determination of its residents.  The Kansas flag consists of a blue background centered with the Great Seal of Kansas.  A sunflower, torn from its stalk and resting on a twisted blue and gold bar, references that the state was carved from the territory acquired by The Louisiana Purchase. The torn sunflower is meant to indicate the fearlessness with which Kansas meets her problems and solves them. The Kansas  State Seal pictures the hills of Fort Riley, Native Americans hunting buffalo, oxen drawing a wagon train, steamboats sailing and settlers plowing. The Kansas state motto translates to “To the Stars through Difficulties.” Thirty-four stars denote Kansas’ entry as the 34th state.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Kansas State Flags are available in a variety of sizes, types and fabrics. Carrot Top features its exclusive durable yet lightweight outdoor Beacon nylon Kansas flags and its signature Patriarch polyester outdoor Kansas flags. Outdoor Beacon Kansas flags dry quickly and wave effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Our outdoor Patriarch polyester Kansas flags are made with extra tough, well-crafted polyester and are built to withstand the harsh elements of wind, rain, snow and ice.

Indoor Kansas State flags are fashioned with exquisitely stitched nylon and are the most versatile flags found anywhere.  Plush gold fringe accents three sides of the flag while the left side contains an open sleeve. Majestic Flag poles are also available to create a classic and distinguished look or for use in homes, offices or in parades.  Mini 4”x6” and 8”x 12” miniature Kansas flags come mounted with a plastic staff or dowel. The mini Kansas flags, along with our American Flag and Kansas State flag lapel pins, make great, inexpensive gifts, keepsakes and tokens of heritage to share with others.

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