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Indiana State Flags

The Indiana State flag not only commemorates Indiana’s entrance into the union as the 19th state but it also epitomizes the “Hoosier state’s” strong ideology and commitment to liberty.  Designed by Paul Hadley for a contest given by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Indiana flag features a blue background with the gold torch of enlightenment at its center. 19 gold stars surround the torch. 13 stars in the outer circle honor the original 13 colonies while the five stars of the inner semicircle represent states which joined the Union prior to Indiana.  Indiana is represented by the largest star. The rays emitting from the torch illustrate Indiana’s far reaching influence. The Indiana state flag was adopted in 1916.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Indiana State Fags are available in a variety of types, sizes and fabrics. Outdoor Indiana flags are constructed with our durable yet lightweight Beacon nylon and beautifully woven, extra tough Patriarch polyester; both flags are Carrot Top exclusives.  Outdoor Beacon Nylon Indiana flags float effortlessly in the faintest breeze and are the most versatile flag available. Outdoor Patriarch Polyester Indiana flags are incredibly long-lasting and built to withstand harsh wind, rain, ice and snow.

Indoor nylon Indiana flags feature intricate stitching, beautiful embroidery and well-crafted nylon.  Plush gold fringe accents three sides. Flag poles are available in a wide range of options to create a classic, distinguished look for home, office, church or parades.  Mini 4”x6” and 8”x12” miniature Indiana flags may also be selected as an inexpensive giveaway or keepsake.  Indiana mini flags, made with polyester and rayon, are mounted on a black plastic staff with a plastic spearhead.  American flag and Indiana state flag lapel pins are also available in affordable quantities and make great tokens of heritage.

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