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Illinois State Flags

The Illinois State flag respectfully advocates the state’s commitment to the Union while it also expresses the sovereignty of the “Land of Lincoln”.  The Illinois flag depicts the Illinois State Seal set in a field of white.  Symbols on the shield mirror the Great Seal of the United States and note the dates of statehood, 1818, and the year the Seal was redesigned, 1868.   An eagle clutches the words of the Illinois state motto: “State Sovereignty, National Union”.   Illinois supported of the Union during the Civil War yet continued to assert the state’s own authority. Thus the word “sovereign” is flipped over.  Illinois is often thought of as a mini America as it contains a metropolitan area, small industrial cities, vast agricultural lands and regions of abundant natural resources.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Illinois State flags are available in a variety sizes and fabrics.  Carrot-Top features both outdoor nylon and polyester flags.  The Carrot Top exclusive, Beacon outdoor nylon Illinois flag is designed with a durable, lightweight material that soars effortlessly in the breeze and dries quickly.  Our outdoor Patriarch polyester flags, also a Carrot Top exclusive, are finely woven, extra tough flags which have the texture of cotton.  These long-lasting flags are built to withstand harsh winds and extreme weather.

Indoor Illinois State flags feature immaculate stitching and well-crafted nylon. The indoor Illinois flag is designed with an open pole sleeve as luxurious gold fringe accents three sides.   Carrot-Top also offer a wide selection of flag poles to create a classic look or for use in parades.  Mini 4”x 6” and 8”x 12” miniature Illinois flags are fashioned with a black plastic dowel and spearhead and make great giveaways and keepsakes.  American flag and Illinois state flag lapel pins are also a great, inexpensive token to share with others.

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