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Hawaii State Flags

The Hawaii State flag honors “the Aloha State’s” unique relationship with the United States and Great Britain. Hawaii is the only U.S. state flag to feature the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The Hawaii flag was commissioned in 1816 at the request of the first king to unite the eight major Hawaiian Islands. Stories speculate that the flag was meant as a symbol to appease both British and American interests during the War of 1812 (which pitted the United States against Great Britain). The Hawaii flag consists of eight stripes of white, red and blue with each stripe representing a major island.  The red stripes are said to symbolize Hawaii’s god, the white stripes represent truth and the blue stripes signify the ocean.  The Union Jack rests in the upper left corner.  Hawaii was the 50th state admitted to the union on August 21, 1959.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Hawaii State Flags are available in a variety of types and sizes. Carrot Top offers outdoor flags in two fabrics. Our nylon outdoor Hawaii flags are crafted with our exclusive Beacon Nylon and are the most versatile and best all-around flags.  Hawaii nylon flags are light weight, durable and fly effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Our outdoor Patriarch Polyester flags, also a Carrot Top exclusive, are made with beautifully woven polyester with the texture of cotton. 

Indoor Hawaii State flags are designed with our well-crafted Beacon nylon and accented with distinguished gold trim.  Flag poles are also available in and assortment of choices to create the perfect look for home, office church or parades. Mini 4”x6” and miniature 8” x12” flags are inexpensive keepsakes and gifts.  American Flag and Hawaii State Flag lapel pin are also available.

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