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District of Columbia Flags

The District of Columbia flag pays homage to the nation’s first President, George Washington. Based on Washington’s family coat-of-arms, the D.C. flag displays three red stars above two solid red lines on a field of white. The flag was designed by graphic designer Charles Dunn and was chosen from a public competition in 1921. Some have noted that the red stars also reflect the District’s unique status as a one of only three cities in the world that are also sovereign entities. The others two cities are the City of London and Vatican City.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

District of Columbia flags are available in several varieties and fabrics.   Carrot-Top offers both high-flying, nylon outdoor flags and extra durable polyester outdoor flags. Outdoor, nylon D.C. flags are made with our exclusive Beacon Nylon and are the best all-around flags available. The outdoor polyester D.C. flag is made with our exclusive Patriarch Polyester, skillfully crafted, durable materials with the touch and feel of cotton. These flags are extra tough and perfectly suited for extreme weather conditions and harsh winds.

District of Columbia indoor flags are constructed with our Beacon nylon and are the most versatile flags found anywhere. Indoor flags are available in two sizes, 3’x5’ and 4’x6’, and feature an open pole sleeve and elegant gold fringe on three sides. Indoor flags may be matched with one of our many well-crafted flag poles to create a classic and distinguished look for home, office or parades.  4”x6” mini and miniature 8”12” flags are also available and come attached to a plastic black staff or dowel.  Mini flags and lapel pin flags are an inexpensive giveaway or keepsake for everyone to treasure.

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