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Delaware State Flags

The Delaware State Flag recalls America’s earliest days.  Adopted in 1913, the Delaware flag has a colonial blue field around a buff colored diamond.  Delaware’s coat of arms is set within the diamond and depicts early occupational symbols for shipping, farming, hunting and cattle ranching. The words “Liberty and Justice” appear on the banner below a soldier and farmer, and recognize the contributions of the state’s farmers as well as those of the soldiers of the Revolutionary War. The colonial blue background is said to match the color of George Washington’s uniform. December 7, 1787, written below the diamond, signifies the date Delaware ratified the Constitution, becoming the first state in the Union.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Delaware State Flags are available in a variety of sizes and types. Carrot-Top features outdoor flags in two different fabrics.  The outdoor nylon Delaware flag, constructed with our exclusive Beacon Nylon, is lightweight but durable, dries quickly and flies effortlessly in the faintest breeze.  Our outdoor Patriarch polyester flags, also a Carrot Top exclusive, are the best quality polyester state flag available. Our Patriarch Delaware state flags are crafted with tough, skillfully woven polyester that has the texture and feel of cotton.  These flags stand up to high winds and are the best choice for coastal and more extreme weather. Both outdoor flags feature a canvass header and two brass grommets for easy attachment to your flag pole.

Indoor Delaware State flags are also fashioned with our Beacon Nylon and are finished with a lined pole sleeve.  Luxurious gold fringe accents the remaining sides.  Choose from a variety of flagpoles for your home, office, church, building or parade. Miniature 4”x6” and mini 8”x12” flags are mounted on a black plastic staff with a plastic spearhead. Mini flags make great inexpensive gifts, keepsakes and tokens of heritage.

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