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Colorado State Flags

The Colorado State flag mirrors the beauty and resources of “the Centennial State”.  Admitted to the union in 1876 as the 38th state, Colorado became a state 100 years after the nation was born.  The Colorado flag consists of three horizontal stripes. The blue stripes at the top and bottom symbolize clear blue skies while the middle white stripe represents Colorado’s snow-capped mountains.  The red “C” denotes the state’s red soil and the gold within the “C” represents both the sunshine enjoyed by Coloradans and state’s gold mines. The Colorado flag was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson and adopted in 1911.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our Colorado State flags are available in several varieties including two outdoor fabrics.  Fashioned with our exclusive Beacon nylon, the outdoor Colorado flag is durable and quick-drying. These flags fly effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Our outdoor Patriarch Polyester flags are the best quality polyester flags available.  Made from woven polyester that has the texture of cotton, these flags are extra-tough and are built to withstand harsh elements and extreme weather conditions. Both outdoor flags are finished with a canvas header along the left side of the flag and two brass grommets for easy attachment to your flag pole.

Indoor Colorado State flags also feature our Beacon Nylon and are finished with a lined pole sleeve along the left side. Luxurious, gold decorates the three remaining sides.  Colorado Flag Sets, with your choice from an assortment of our Majestic poles, create a classic and distinguished look for home, office, church, parades and more.  Mini 4”x6” and miniature 8”x12” Colorado flags are made of a durable polyester and nylon material and are attached to a black staff. Our mini flags are inexpensive and are perfect as giveaways. Pair a mini flag with a mini flag stand for a table ornament.

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