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Arkansas State Flags

The Arkansas state flag incorporates several symbols which reveal “the Wonder State’s” origin, history and character.  The Arkansas flag consists of a red field charged with a blue-bordered white diamond. Twenty-five white stars highlight the border of the diamond denoting Arkansas’ entrance into the union as the 25th state. The diamond signifies the state’s diamond bearing ability and the blue stars within the diamond signify the three nations to which Arkansas has belonged (U.S., France and Spain). The Louisiana Purchase brought Arkansas into the union in 1803.The blue star above the word Arkansas pays tribute to the Confederate States of America.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Arkansas state flag is available in two different outdoor fabrics. Our outdoor nylon Arkansas flag is fashioned with our exclusive Beacon Nylon and is the most versatile flag available. Made with strong, durable nylon, this flag dries quickly and waves effortlessly in slightest breeze. It offers a classic look well suited for home, office, or church.  The outdoor Patriarch Polyester flag, also a Carrot Top exclusive, is constructed with extra- tough, woven polyester that has the feel of cotton. The Patriarch Polyester flag is built to withstand the fury of strong winds and coastal areas.

Our Arkansas State indoor flag is made with our Beacon nylon and is finished with a lined pole sleeve along he left side.  Traditional, gold fringe surround the remaining sides. Arkansas flag sets are also available with the choice of several decorative poles.  4”x 6”mini and 8” x12” miniature flags are also available. These flags are made of a polyester and rayon material and come mounted on a black staff with a plastic spearhead. Both flags make the perfect keepsake, giveaway or souvenir. American flag and Arizona state flag lapel pins are an inexpensive tokens and gifts to honor one’s heritage

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