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Racing Flag Sets

Motor racing flags are used in motorsports to communicate important instructions like start, stop, caution, and move over to racers. Racing flag sets from Carrot-Top include flags with seven different color patterns to designate different signals to drivers. Our racing flag sets are constructed of durable Nyl-Glo® nylon—a premium material that offers the best resistance to UV rays when used outside. Read more about our racing flag sets in the description area below.

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)

Racing Flag Sets for Motorsports and More!

Flags play a key role in the sport of racing. Motorsports like drag racing, sports car racing, and motorcycle racing use different flags with different color patterns to communicate instructions to racers. Racing flag sets from Carrot-Top include seven different flags—black (leave track), green (start race), red (stop), white (one lap to go), yellow (caution), blue with yellow stripe (move over), and checkered (end of race)—to designate different signals to drivers.

Racing flags are most commonly used by racing officials, but they can also make great gifts, teaching tools for classrooms and museums, or decorations for speedway events and racing-themed parties when paired with a checkered table skirt!

For official use, the 3’ x 5’ Racing Nylon Flag Starter Set includes all seven of the flags mentioned above in a standard 3’ x 5’ size. These flags are constructed of durable and UV-resistant Nyl-Glo® nylon for longevity when used repeatedly outdoors. Another option is our Nylon Racing Flag Set which includes seven motor racing flags in 24” x 30”, each mounted on a wooden 52” tall dowel.

For those seeking backups and replacements for lost or damaged flags, we also sell each of the seven nylon motor racing flags individually.                                

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Looking for other flags to add to your collection? We also offer flags for sports beyond racing. And don’t miss our amazing selection of U.S. Flags! At Carrot-Top, we’re proud to be leaders in the flag industry since 1980. Give us a call at 800-628-3524—we’d love to hear from you! 

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