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Nautical Code Flags

Ship to ship or ship to shore, a nautical code flag is a universal signaling tool used by ships in both American and international waters to communicate important signals like distress, maneuvering, and geographical bearings. The collection of nautical flags for sale at Carrot-Top includes standard nautical signal code flags as well as other popular nautical flags like dive flags and Jolly Roger pirate flags. Browse our selection of nautical flags below and scroll down to learn more about the types of nautical flags for sale here.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

About Nautical Flags for Sale at Carrot-Top

For ages, nautical code flags have been used in maritime waters to communicate important signals to other ships and back to shore. Nautical signal code flags correspond to the system of the international code of signals with each signal flag representing a letter that can be used to spell out messages on nautical flagpoles, boats, or other displays. These flags are perfect for use with one of our many nautical flagpoles. Purchase the complete set of Nautical Signal Code Flags or buy individual or replacement nautical signal code flags here. Available in four sizes, and in a variety of finishes from heading and grommets to rope and toggles—these beautifully-made flags are an essential addition to any captain’s collection.

Another signaling flag that is handy for nautical vessels is the Semaphore flag. Our Semaphore Flag Set contains two 18” x 18” flags that can be used to communicate different messages across land and sea without the use of a radio. Keep them on deck or at marinas and coastal safety stations for quick access in times of need.

Nautical Safety Flags for Coastal Areas

In coastal towns and cities, water safety is a huge priority!  Nautical flags from Carrot-Top can be used to improve safety for those both in and around the water. For those living in coastal areas, solid color flags can come in handy to mark locations on the beach. Our Temporary Solid Color Flag Kit features highly-visible and brightly colored flags in weather-resistant nylon to make a unique mark.

With their iconic diagonal white stripe on a red background, dive flags are one type of flag that is frequently used on open waters to improve visibility and signal the presence of a diver nearby.

Weather warning flags from Carrot-Top are popular in coastal areas to signal the advance or presence of storms, strong gales, and hurricanes. Constructed of heavyweight nylon to withstand the elements, our U.S. Storm Signal Flag Sets are essential for beach towns, guard stations, and in high-visibility areas.

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