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Airport Flags

The role of flags and windsocks at airports is crucial to air traffic safety. Airport flags and airport windsocks help to increase visibility and indicate wind direction. Airport flags from Carrot-Top are constructed of strong vinyl and feature intricate lock stitching for durability. Browse our selection of airport flags below and scroll down to learn more about our airport flags. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

All About Airport Flags

An orange and white flag on or near an airport runway is a familiar sight all over the world. These flags play an important role in everyday airport activities and in air traffic safety. An orange and white checkered flag is universally used for signaling airplane traffic to safe zones, and are commonly attached to vehicles to increase visibility and to alert planes in the sky and on the ground. Airport flags from Carrot-Top come in 3’ x 5’ and feature a single reverse image. Heading and finish options include one of three choices: grommets, a pole sleeve, or mounted.

Aviation Windsocks from Carrot-Top

A bright and wildly flailing orange windsock on an airport runway can be a fascinating sight to watch, but these aviation windsocks also serve an important purpose. Airport windsocks help pilots to indicate wind speed and direction on airport runways. At Carrot-Top, we have a selection of airport windsocks ranging in size from 18” x 4’ to 18” x 8’. These orange windsocks are constructed of long-lasting vinyl and feature 10 grommets along one end to which cable ties attach the windsock to hardware. We also carry a sturdy Aluminum Airport Windsock Frame for flying your windsock.

How Can We Help?

Looking for other flags to add to your collection? We carry a variety of safety flags and specialty flags at Carrot-Top Industries. We are also experts in U.S. Flags, custom flags, and custom signs! Need help finding a specific flag? Give us a call at 800-628-3524 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative today. 

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