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Presbyterian Flags

Beautifully made from durable materials, Presbyterian flags from Carrot-Top Industries are a wonderful way to show your faith. Perfect for churches and other religious buildings, parades, conventions, or home display, these flags are made with strong nylon that has been tailored for quality and strength. Each Presbyterian flag features the symbol of the Presbyterian Church with the cross, Scripture, the dove, and flames. Each element of the seal is created in striking colors, standing out against the pure white background. Choose your flag from the options shown below, or read our more detailed description to learn more about these beautiful flags.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Presbyterian Flags to Show Your Faith

The Celtic cross, Scripture, the descending dove, and flames — these are the main elements that make up the symbol at the center of the Presbyterian flag. Rendered in beautifully sharp detail in both indoor and outdoor flags from Carrot-Top Industries, this symbol is surrounded by the name of the denomination and printed on a pure white background. Our Outdoor Presbyterian Flags are the perfect choice for placing at the entrance of your church or in a convention hall. The durable nylon is finished with brass grommets and a strong canvas header that will keep the flag flying anywhere with low to moderate winds. Choose between 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' sizes. The smaller sized flag flies best on a 15' or 20' flagpole, while the 4' x 6' can be flown on a 25' pole. See our full line of Flagpoles, and check out our Flag Buying Guide for more help.

For inside your church or other religious building, consider our 3' x 5' Indoor Presbyterian Church flags. Our indoor flag features strong, 200 denier nylon construction and reinforced lock stitching. Perfect for indoor display, this Presbyterian flag includes a beautiful gold fringe surrounding three sides and a lined pole sleeve for easy display. Don't miss our complete Presbyterian indoor flag sets too! These attractive displays not only include one of our attractive indoor Presbyterian flags, they also include an oak-finished pole, a gold cord and tassels, and a gold-finished cross pole ornament and weighted base. This flag set is perfect for offices and conferences.

The friendly team at Carrot-Top Industries are experts in religious and U.S. flags, flagpoles, and flagpole accessories and we're happy to assist you in finding the right flag for your needs. Call our knowledgeable staff at 800-628-3524 if you need any assistance with your order.

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