Catholic Flags

Vatican flags from Carrot-Top Industries are a great way to proudly display your faith! Whether you're looking for the perfect Catholic flag for your church, or simply a beautiful flag to display outside your home, you'll find the ideal one right here at Carrot-Top. Each one of these flags features a yellow and white split background with the Vatican City coat of arms on the right side, which symbolizes the Pope's supremacy over other earthly sovereigns. Both our indoor and outdoor flags are crafted with fine materials that last for years. Available in a variety of sizes, you'll find the perfect Papal flag for your display.

4 Products

Outdoor Catholic Flag
$41.99 to $183.99
4 reviews
Indoor Catholic Flags
$69.99 to $115.99
Indoor Catholic Flag Sets
$247.99 to $285.99
1 review
Mini Catholic Flags
$8.99 to $35.99
1 review
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Select up to 4 items to compare.