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Service Flags and Banners

Blue star flags and banners are formally known as Service flags. Service flags are authorized by the Department of Defense for display by family members of soldiers on active duty for the US military. These blue star flags are usually displayed during periods of war or hostilities. Each blue star is meant to represent a member of the family serving in the military. Service banners with a gold star are indicative of a family member who has been Killed In Action. For more information about the blue star flags and banners click on a product or see the description below.

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3 Item(s)

Blue star flags were designed in 1917 by Captain Robert L. Queisser, who served in WWI in the U.S Army and at the time of the creation of the flag, had two sons serving in the front lines. Soon after its creation, the service flag became an unofficial symbol of a child serving in the U.S military. The use of the blue star flag grew rapidly during WWII and most flags were hand made by mothers of service members. In 1967, the department of Defense authorized the use of the service flag and this in turn spurred an act of Congress.

Blue star service flags were widely used during both world wars but were not seen often during the Korean and Vietnam War. The service flags were used later to display the pride in soldiers in the U.S Armed forces after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

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