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National Guard

The Air and Army National Guard flags feature the seal of each branch in the center of the flag. Air National Guard flag features an ultramarine blue background whereas the Army National Guard flag features a white background. 

Our National Guard flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. The indoor National Guard flags come fitted with a gold rayon fringe and poles sleeve whereas the outdoor flags include a header and grommets for attachment. The flags are made using polyester and nylon.


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7 Item(s)

The Air National Guard flag looks similar to the U.S. Air Force flag with 13 five-pointed stars encircling an eagle and the Air National Guard Seal. The 13 stars are representative of the first 13 colonies. The eagle is perched on a blue and white wreath similar to the U.S. Air Force flag. The cloud behind the eagle is symbolic of new skies. The words “AIR NATIONAL GUARD” are displayed on a scroll under Air National Guard shield. The Army National Guard Flag features the National Guard symbol of a soldier holding a musket inside a circle in the center of the flag. Around that circle is another ring that houses five stars at the bottom half of the circle and the words “ARMY NATIONAL GUARD” in the top half.

Both the Air National Guard and Army National Guard are administered by The National guard bureau a joint institution comprising of the Army and Air Force departments. The Army National Guard is the oldest component of the United States Armed forces having been established in 1636. The Air National guard was established in 1947 as a reserve component of the Air force.

All information about the National Guard was provided by the Air Force official website and the official National Guard website.