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Zimbabwe Flags

Zimbabwe flags are a symbol recounting the Nation’s past struggles, natural wealth and future aspirations. These flags come in three varieties for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather displays and are made of heavy duty nylon. The indoor flags come with a fringe for official flags displays and parade use. The mini flags come attached to a black staff. For more about each product click on an image below or scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Zimbabwe flags feature the red, green and yellow of the Pan-African movement and also features black stripes to represent the people of the country and of Africa. The flag has 7 horizontal stripes with the black stripe in the middle. The other bands are colored green, yellow and red, starting from the top down. The colors are arranged in reverse order after the black stripe to finish the 7 stripes. On the hoist end (left or side closest to the flagpole) is a white triangle extending towards the center of the flag with a thin black border. In the triangle is the image of a five-pointed red star with a yellow Zimbabwe bird in the fore ground.

The green color on the Zimbabwe flags represents the fertility of the land, the yellow represents the country’s mineral deposits and its natural wealth. Red, as in most other African flags, represents the bloodshed and violence the people had to endure to gain their freedom. The white triangle is a symbol for purity, peace and harmony while the red star represents the hope for future progress. The Zimbabwe bird is designed after soapstone bird figurine found in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and act as a symbol for the country’s rich history and cultural significance.

We offer both indoor and outdoor Zimbabwe national flags. The outdoor flags come with a canvas header and grommets to fly on an outdoor flagpole. The indoor flags are made of durable nylon and fitted with a gold fringe and a lined pole sleeve to allow any indoor and parade flagpole displays. The third variety is a miniature Zimbabwe flag ideal for use with our mini flag accessories. See all of our world flags, American flags and our design-your-own custom products. For more information call us on (800)628-3524.

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