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Sweden Flags

The Sweden flag features a simple design said to be based on the Swedish coat of arms. It has a cross in the center to show the importance of history and Christianity in the country. Our Swedish national flags come in three varieties for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather display, the indoor flags come with a gold fringe for official use and the mini flags are ideally sized for table top and handheld displays. Click on an image below for more information. 

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

The Swedish national flag features a light blue field with a golden yellow cross placed on it. The horizontal line of the cross is placed directly in the center dividing the blue field in to two equally sized parts. The vertical line is placed closer to the hoist end (left) of the flag. This cross, sometimes known as the Scandinavian or Nordic cross, is a reminder of the importance of Christianity to the nation’s past leaders. The Sweden flag design is one of the oldest in the world and its exact origins are not known. Legend has it that the King of Sweden, Eric the Holy, saw a golden cross in the sky and decided to adopt a banner with a blue field and a gold cross because he perceived the vision to be a sign from God. The first concrete evidence we see of this flag being used as the official banner is in 1562.

Buy an outdoor Sweden flag for display in wet and dry weather. These flags can be attached to any of our outdoor residential and outdoor commercial flagpoles. The indoor flags are ideal for official and parade use. These flags come with a lined and capped pole sleeve capable of being used with any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The mini flags can be paired with our mini flag parts for an upright display.

Browse our entire collection of world flags and American flags. Pick out some indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts to finish the display. For more about our products call (800)628-3524.

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