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Sudan Flags

The flag of Sudan is a tribute to the Pan-Arabian culture and heritage. These flags are available in an outdoor form made of durable nylon for all-weather use. Also an indoor style with a gold fringe and miniature 4”x6” size for handheld and desktop displays are available.  For more about the products click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Sudan flag features a flag design with three equally sized horizontal stripes and a triangle placed at the hoist (left) end of the flag. The stripes are colored red, white and black from the top down and the triangle is colored green. The colors of the flag stand for Arabian unity and freedom. The red stripe also represents the bloodshed by young men and martyrs in the fight for freedom. The white stripe signifies peace, purity and the White flag league, a revolutionary group that fought colonial rule in 1924. The black stripe is said to represent Sudan itself (Sudan means black in Arabic), the African people and their heritage and the party that brought about the Black flag revolution in the late 19th century. The green on the triangle is a tribute to Islam, the majority faith in the country.

The flags are available in an outdoor, indoor and miniature style. The outdoor flags come with a header and grommets allowing the flag to flown on any outdoor flag pole of your choice. The indoor flags are made of nylon material ideal for long term displays and feature a gold fringe. The flags are fitted with a lined pole sleeve to use with an indoor or parade flag pole. The mini flags can be displayed with our mini flag accessories.

Browse all of our world flags and the see our impressive collection of US flags. We also offer a many different indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flag pole parts. Carrot-Top Industries proudly offers a range of custom made products in addition to flag products. For more information call us today on (800)628-3524 or use our live chat function to talk to one of our product experts. 

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