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South Korea Flags

The Flag of South Korea is also referred to as the Taegukgi or Taegeukgi, meaning “Taeguk” flag. A Taegukgi is the symbol seen in the center of the South Korean flag. The flags are available in three types and five different sizes. Our outdoor South Korea flags come in 4 sizes and are ideal for all-weather display. The indoor flags measure 3’x5’ and we also offer a mini version measuring 4”x6”. For more details about each of flags click on an image below or scroll down to the bottom. 

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

The unique design of the national flag of South Korea is filled with meaning and symbolic significance. In the center of the flag is a circle (Taegukgi) divided into to two interlocked parts. One of the sides is blue while the other side of the circle is red. The symbol is based on the concept of Yin and Yang or the balance between good and evil. The blue represents the negative forces of the world while red represent the positive ones. The South Korean flag also feature 4 trigrams placed in four corners around the circle. These trigrams are symbols with three small lines each. Every line is either broken or solid and each of these symbols has a specific meaning in different contexts. For example within the context of nature each trigram stands for a season, or can mean heaven, sun, moon and earth. Within the context of elements the four symbols stand for heaven, fire, water, earth. The current design of the South Korean flag was adopted in 1997.

Our South Korea flags can be used in indoor or outdoor showcases. The outdoor flags are made of lightweight nylon capable of withstanding both rain and shine. These flags come with a header and grommets allowing them to be flown for extended period on any of our commercial flagpoles or flagpoles for home use. The indoor South Korea flag has a gold fringe and a pole sleeve. These flags are ideal in official displays and fringed flags create a striking display. Fly these flags on any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. We also offer a miniature 4”x6” version of the flag ideal for use with our mini flag stands.

For more options see all of our world flags and browse our impressive collection of American flags. To finish your flag display pick out an indoor flag pole accessory or some replacement parts for your outdoor flagpole. For more information contact our customer service representatives on (800)628-3524.

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