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Senegal Flags

The flag of Senegal, like many other African countries, employs the Pan-African colors of red, yellow and green in their flag design. These flags can be purchased in three varieties. The outdoor all-weather Senegalese flags are available in four sizes while the indoor and mini Senegal flags come in one size. For more product specific information click on an image below. 

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

The Senegal flag features a tricolor design similar to and modeled after the Tricolor, or the national flag of France. The flag features three vertical stripes of equal size colored green, yellow and red from left to right. In the center of the yellow stripe is a green, five-pointed star.

The color green on the Senegalese flag is intimately connected to all major religions in Senegal. In Islam it is the color of the flag of Prophet Muhammad, in Christianity green is said to be a symbol of hope and in Animism it is a symbol or fertility and fruitfulness. The yellow stripe is a symbol of wealth and riches. It is also a symbol representing the two main goals of Senegal, economic and cultural growth. The red stripe represents life and sacrifice, it is also a sign of the people’s drive to develop their country. The star is representative of Senegal’s unique position, where it has connections to five continents. The green of the star is said to represent hope.

Our indoor and outdoor Senegal flags are made of durable nylon. The outdoor flag is fitted with a header and grommets. The header increases the strength of the hoist end and the grommets allow the flag to be flown on any of our outdoor flag poles. The indoor flag comes complete with a gold fringe and pole sleeve that accommodates any of our indoor flag poles. The mini flags are great for use with our mini flag accessories.

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