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Russia Flags

The national flag of Russia was at first the Merchant flag, the national ensign or flag flown by all civilian merchant ships that originate in Russia. Our Russia flags can be bought in an outdoor, indoor and miniature format. The outdoor flags are ideal for long term displays in wet and dry weather. Indoor flag are perfect for official use. For more details about each type of Russian flag click on the respective image below.







The Russian national flag features a three stripe design where the top stripe is colored white, the second stripe is blue and the bottom stripe is red. There are two main stories behind its history both of which allude to the Dutch national flag, this flag has the same exact design with a variation in the order of the stripes. The selection of the pan-Slavic colors were supposedly heavily influenced by the Russian flag as well. The flag’s design was officially adopted in 1991 although it was in use prior to that year.

Our Russian flags come in an outdoor, indoor and mini style. The outdoor flag has a header and grommets prevent fraying and tearing on the hoist end and allow for the flags to be attached to any outdoor flag pole. The indoor Russia flags are made of nylon for long term use and come with a gold fringe. The flags can be displayed on any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. The smallest Russian flag we offer measures 4”x6” and can be used easily with our mini flag accessories.  

Carrot-Top offers a many different world flags and American flags ideal for any setting and location. We also supply indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts to either add finishing touches or extend the life of your flag display. For more details about our product call us on (800)628-3524. 

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