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North Korea Flags

The Flag of North Korea signifies the sovereignty, values and philosophy of the nation.   Our North Korea flags are crafted in indoor, outdoor and hand held varieties.  Indoor flags and tailored to perfection and make excellent parade flags. Outdoor flags are crafted for long term use in all weather conditions.   Our miniature flags make great tokens of heritage and may be shared with others or displayed.  For more information about any of these items click on an image below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The North Korea flag was adopted on September 8, 1948.  The flag displays a wide red stripe at its center bordered by a narrow white and another blue stripe.  A five pointed red star in a white circle is positioned near the hoist. The color red is a universal symbol of communism yet initially it was intended to signify revolutionary traditions. The two blue stripes stand for sovereignty, peace and friendship. The white stripe symbolizes purity.  Our North Korea flags are made with the finest materials and tailored for every occasion.   Outdoor flags are fashioned in four sizes and are built to withstand all weather conditions.  These flags pair perfectly with our commercial flagpoles or outdoor home flagpoles.  Indoor flags are trimmed with plush gold fringe and create beautiful displays with any of our parade and indoor flagpoles.  Hand held flags are also available for either table top displays with our mini flag bases or for gifts and tokens of heritage to share with family, friends and neighbors.  Carrot-Top offers an impressive collection of world flags and American flags.  Shop our outdoor flagpole parts and indoor flagpole accessories for items that will enhance your display and prolong the life of your flag. For more information about any Carrot-Top item call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service representatives.

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