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Niger Flags

The Niger flag is a symbol that celebrates the country’s diverse geography and natural beauty. They can be purchased in 3 varieties for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. The indoor and outdoor flags are built with durable nylon for long term use. Our miniature flags are ideal for desktop use and as handheld display. For more about each product click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Niger flag is made up of three horizontal stripes in orange, white and green, in that order from top down. In the center of the white stripe is an orange disc, a representation of the sun and the importance of freedom to Niger. The orange color on the flag is a reminder of the Savannah grassland in the north of Niger. The white stripe is a symbol of purity, peace and innocence. The green stripe at the bottom of the flag is a symbol that represents the country’s forests, vegetation and the Niger River. This flag design was adopted in 1959 which was followed by its formal independence from France.

Our outdoor Niger flags are ideal for long term use in moderate winds. These flags are made of solid nylon material and have a vibrant finish that accentuates the colors. These flags can be displayed on any of our outdoor commercial poles or our residential flag poles. The indoor flag features an intricate and ornate gold fringe ideal in close proximity displays. These flags are fitted with a pole sleeve and can be displayed on our indoor and parade flag poles. The mini Niger flags are ideal for use with our mini flag accessories.

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