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Netherlands Flags

The Netherlands flag features a tricolor design and is said to be based on several variants the country used prior to the current version. It is also regarded as the older tricolor flag still being used as a national banner. Our Dutch flags can be used in both indoor and outdoor displays. The outdoor flag is made for all-weather use and is known to last months on end. The indoor flags are available in a 3’x5’ and miniature 4”x6” flag. For more information read the description below or click on a product image. 

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

The national flag of Netherlands has three horizontal stripes that run the width of the flag. The top most band is colored red, the next is white and the final stripe is colored blue. The colors on the Dutch flag have no specific meaning. It is commonly believed that the flag’s design is based on that of the Prince of Orange. The Prince’s flag featured an orange, white and blue stripe which was flown as the first flag adopted by the nation. Over time the orange stripe’s color would be altered by the elements and it would turn red. After it became common place for the red stripe to replace the orange one it was declared as the official color and flag design in the mid-17th Century and confirmed by Royal Decree in 1937.

Our outdoor Netherlands flags come with a header and grommets for secure attachment to any outdoor flagpole. These flag are ideal for wet and dry weather displays. The indoor flags come fitted with a striking gold fringe and can be used easily with our parade and indoor flagpoles. The miniature flag is ideally paired with our mini flag accessories for table top displays.

See all of our world flags and our American flags. Carrot-Top industries offers additional flag pole parts, indoor flag pole accessories and a wealth of other flags and banners. We also offer a large number of made-to-order custom products. For more details call us today on (800)628-3524. 

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