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Namibia Flags

The Namibia flag is a true representation of Namibia and its people. It also acts as a tribute to the main political parties of the country that played vital roles in the country’s independence. Our Namibia flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. These flags are made of durable nylon. The flag is also available in a 4”x6” miniature size. For more details click on a picture below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Namibia flag was designed by Frederick Brownell and adopted in 1990 after Namibia gained Independence from South Africa. The flag features a large red line placed diagonally in the center of the flag. It’s bordered by two smaller white lines, in the center, going from bottom left (hoist end) to the top right (fly end) dividing the flag into two triangles. The top left corner is colored blue while the bottom right triangle is colored green. On the blue triangle is the image of a yellow sun with 12 points representing life, energy and hope for good governance.

The red on the Namibia flag is a symbol for the people of the country and their determination and courage. The white lines represent peace and unity while the green color stand for the country’s nature and vegetation. The blue color represents the sky, the ocean and all water sources in the country.

Buy your Namibia flag to suit your flag display. These flags can be displayed in outdoor, indoor and mini displays. The outdoor flags feature durable nylon, a canvas header and grommets. These flags can be flown on any of our outdoor flag poles. The indoor flag is also made of a nylon blend and feature a gold fringe ideal for official flag displays and special event. Try these flags with our indoor and parade flagpoles. The mini flag is ideal for use with our mini flag accessories.

For more options browse the entire world flags category and our American flags. We also offer indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts vital for your flag display. See our custom flags and our property management items as well. For more information about these products call us on (800)628-3524. 

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