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Myanmar Flags

The flag of Myanmar is a tricolor banner of yellow, green and red with a large, white star at the flag’s center.  Carrot-Top’s collection of Myanmar flags features outdoor, indoor and miniature varieties.  Outdoor flags are tailored with strong, woven, all-weather nylon and available in several sizes. Indoor flags are fashioned with gold fringe and measure 3’x5’.  Miniature flags fit perfectly in your hands are great gifts. Click on an image below for more details. For greater detail about any of these items click on the image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Myanmar flags are a horizontal tricolor with yellow, green and red stripes with a large, five-pointed white star in the center of the flag.  The colors of the stripes symbolize solidarity, tranquility, peace,   tranquility, courage and decisiveness.  Our Myanmar flags are tailored in three varieties which allow you to honor the nation in every possible way. Indoor flags are trimmed with gold fringe and make excellent parade and presentation banners. Outdoor Flags are designed with strong, sturdy nylon suited for all weather conditions. These flags have a strong header and brass grommets.  Hand held Myanmar flags are 4”x6” and come attached to a black, plastic dowel.  Carrot-Top’s collection of flagpoles includes impressive and elegant outdoor flagpoles and parade or indoor flagpole.  Miniature flags may be paired with our mini flag accessories for table top displays.  Shop Carrot-Top’s assortment of flags includes flags from around the world, American flags, and US State and City flags. For greater details about any of these items call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service experts.

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