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Mozambique Flags

Mozambique flags are a unique symbol of its past, present and future aspirations. These flags are available in three varieties. The outdoor flag is designed for use in wet and dry weather while the indoor flag is finished with an exquisite gold fringe for effect. We also have a miniature 4”x6” Mozambique flag. For more about each flag type click on the relevant image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Mozambique flag features three horizontal stripes in green, black and yellow in that order from top to bottom. In between those lines are two narrower white lines and also superimposed on those stripes is a red triangle that extends inwards from the hoist end of the flag. On the red triangle is a five pointed yellow star with the image of a rifle and hoes crossed over an open white book. The green stripe on the flag represents the natural beauty and wealth of Mozambique while black represents the African continent and its people. The yellow stripe represents the country’s mineral riches and white stands for peace. The red triangle is a sign that reminds of the struggle that Mozambique went through to achieve independence. The yellow star is a symbol that stands for Marxism while the book symbolizes the importance of education. The two silhouetted images of the rifle and hoe stand for defense and agriculture respectively.

Our Mozambique flags can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. The outdoor flags are made of heavy duty nylon and are perfect for dry or wet weather use in moderate winds. These flags can be attached to any of our commercial and residential flagpoles. Our indoor Mozambique flags come with a lined pole sleeve and a gold fringe to accommodate an indoor or parade pole of your choice. The mini flags are ideal with our mini flag accessories.

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