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Montenegro Flags

The flag of Montenegro is a symbol of the country’s past and features traditional Montenegrin colors of red and gold. Our Montenegro flags come in three variations. The outdoor flag is ideal for all-weather long term displays. The indoor flags are perfect for official and parade displays. We also offer a mini Montenegrin flag measuring 4”x6”. For more details and specifications click on an image below or scroll down to the bottom. 

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

The national flag of Montenegro features a simple design with a red background and a thick gold border. In the center of the flag is Montenegro’s coat of arms printed in gold as well. The coat of arms consists of a double-headed gold eagle holding a scepter in one talon and an orb in the other. The eagle is pictured with a breast shield with the image of a lion on a blue and green background. Above the eagle’s heads is a golden crown. The creation of the current Montenegrin coat of arms is credited to Prince Danilo Petrović Njegoš. Although this design was adopted as Montenegro’s national flag in 2004 it had been used in the nation’s history unofficially or as a state flag.

Buy outdoor, indoor or miniature national Montenegro flags for any location or setting. The outdoor and indoor flags are made of industrial strength nylon tailored for extended use. The outdoor flags have a header and grommets and can be flown on any of our outdoor flagpoles. The indoor flags are perfect for use with our indoor flag stands. They are fitted with a gold fringe and a pole sleeve, ideal for official buildings and parades. The mini flags are ideal for table top use when coupled with our mini flag bases.

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