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Mongolia Flags

The Flag of Mongolia displays three bands of red, blue and red with the national symbol, the Soyombo, at the center of first band.  Carrot-Top crafts three different varieties of Mongolia flags which allow you honor Mongolia in every way.  Outdoor flags are built with superior all-weather nylon that nearly glistens when hit by sunlight.  Indoor flags measure 3’x 5’ and have plush fringe trimming.  Carrot-Top’s 4” x 6”Handheld and miniature flags are the perfect item for small displays, parades, celebrations and more.  For additional information click any image below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Mongolia flag symbolically blends the nation’s philosophical values with the willingness of its people to survive and thrive.   The flag is divided into three vertical bands.   A flame sits atop a Somboyo, a character in Mongolian script which signifies growth.  Each tongue on the flame symbolizes time, one for the past, present and future.  Red symbolizes Mongolia’s strength and harsh environment, while blue represents the blue sky. The current flag of Mongolia was adopted on January 12, 1992 when Mongolia became a democracy.

Our Mongolia flags honor the nation with superior materials, styling and craftsmanship.  Outdoor flags are available in four sizes which are as small as 2’ x 3’ and as large as 5’ x 8’. These strong flags are designed for extended outdoor use in all weather conditions.    Indoor Flags are our best option for official presentations, buildings and parades.  Carrot-Top’s collection of parade and indoor flagpoles , commercial flagpoles or outdoor home flagpoles pair perfectly with our Mongolia flags to create beautiful displays. We also supply indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts  which add finishing touches and extend the life of your flag display.  Our smallest Mongolia flags may be displayed on tables, desks, shelves and even in cars. Browse our mini flag accessories to find the best display option for you.

Carrot-Top offers the most impressive collection of world flags, American flags, flagpoles and military memorabilia.  Shop our custom products for items that may be styled with your group or organization’s logo, image or photo. Call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service experts to learn more details regarding the products and services Carrot-Top provides.

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