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Monaco Flags

The flag of Monaco features a simple design in red and white. These colors represent the House of Grimaldi, a family with deep ties to the history of the Republic of Genoa, Italy and the principality of Monaco. Our Monaco flags can be purchased in three variations for outdoor, indoor and handheld or table top displays. Outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather displays while the indoor flags are often used in official locations. For more about these national flags click on an image below or scroll to the bottom. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The national Monaco flag has an uncomplicated and minimal design with the body of the flag being divided in to two equal horizontal bands. The top half of the flag is colored red while the bottom half appears in white. The current version of the flag was adopted in 1881, it replaced a similar design picturing the image of the country’s official coat of arms. Red and white have been the heraldic colors of the Grimaldi Fmaily for centuries dating as far back as 1339.

Carrot-Top Industries offers Monaco flags made for both indoor and outdoor displays. The outdoor flags come in four sizes and can be used in all-weather displays for long periods. They can be flown on any of our outdoor commercial and residential flagpoles. The indoor flags are available in a 3’x5’ size with a gold fringe and pole sleeve. These flags can be conveniently displayed on any of our parade or indoor flagpoles. The mini flag of Monaco is made for use with our mini flag bases.

We also offer many other world flags and many different types of American flags. Buy indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts to finish your flag displays. Call us on (800)682-3524 for assistance selecting or ordering a product. 

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