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Moldova Flags

The flag of Moldova features a tricolor design closely resembling the national flag of Romania. The similarity in the flags is a reflection of the close relationship shared between the countries through history. Our Moldova flags are available for indoor and outdoor displays. The outdoor flags can be displayed in all-weather conditions, while indoor flags are ideal for official showcases, parades and miniature handheld or tabletop displays. Click on an image below or scroll to the bottom for more information.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The national flag of Moldova is divided in to three vertical stripes. They are colored blue, yellow and red from left to right. Placed in the center of the yellow stripe is the Moldovan coat of arms. It is made up of a brown eagle with an Orthodox Christian cross in its mouth an olive branch in one talon and a scepter in the other. The eagle appears behind a shield which is divided horizontally into red and blue portions. The shield also features the stylized head of an auroch (type of large, wild ox or cattle that is now extinct). The ox head is placed in between the image of a rose and a crescent moon. This flag design was adopted on the 27th of April, 1990.

The outdoor Moldova flags are built from durable nylon material. These flags can be flown for long periods in any weather condition. They are fitted with a header and grommets allowing for attachment to any of our commercial and residential flagpoles. The indoor flag measures 3’x5’ and comes with a gold rayon fringe. These fringed flags are often used in official government buildings and parades. To display these flags use our parade and indoor flagpoles. The third type of Moldova flag is our miniature 4”x6” flag which comes with an attached staff perfectly sized to fit in our mini flag bases.

We also offer many different world flags and US flags for all settings. Carrot-Top Industries is a leader in the flag industry and we provide everything you need for a full flag display. See our collection of indoor flagpole accessories and our outdoor flagpole parts.

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