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Mauritania Flags

The Mauritania flag represents Islam, one of the major religions followed by the people of Mauritania. These flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. Both these types of flags are made of nylon and are proven in long term flag displays. Outdoor flags are available in 4 sizes while the indoor flags measure 3’x5’. We also offer mini Mauritania flags measuring 4”x6”. For more about these products click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The Mauritania flag is made up of a green background, a crescent and a five pointed star both colored in yellow. Both the green color and the crescent and star symbol are ancient symbols that appear prominently in Islam. These symbols are associated with the Arab-Berber population in Mauritania. The golden or yellow color of the star and crescent are a symbol representative of golden sands of the Sahara. This flag design was adopted in 1959.

Our Mauritania flags allow for indoor, outdoor and miniature displays. The outdoor flags are made of industrial strength nylon and come fitted with a header and grommets. The header adds strength to the hoist end of the flag while the grommets allow the flag to be flown on any outdoor flagpole. The indoor flags come with a pole sleeve and an ornate gold fringe. These flags are great in official buildings and office spaces with our indoor flagpoles. Our mini flags come with a 10” black staff and can be coupled with our mini flag accessories.

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