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Malawi Flags

The Malawi flag is a pictorial representation of the hope and resilience that embodies the people of the country. Our Malawi flags can be used with all indoor and outdoor flagpoles. We also provide a mini flag ideal for desktop displays and handheld use. For more about each product click on an image below. 

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

The Malawi flag features a tri band design with black, red and green stripes placed horizontally to make up the body of the flag. Centered on the top, black stripe is the image of a rising sun in red. The black stripe is a symbol for the African people. The red stripe is a symbol of the conflict in the Nation’s history and the blood shed during it. The bottom green stripe is a symbol for the country’s natural wealth and vegetation. The red sun on the flag signifies hope for a better future and the dawn of freedom.

Our Malawi flags are available in an outdoor, indoor and miniature version. The outdoor flags are built to withstand the elements in constant displays. These flags are known to last months in moderate winds and can be fitted on any of our outdoor flag poles. The indoor flags are also built for long term use and come with a fitted gold fringe. These flags have a lined pole sleeve which makes it possible for them to be flown on any of our indoor flagpoles. The mini flag measures 4”x6” and comes attached to a 10” plastic staff ideal for coupling with our mini flag accessories.

Browse the full collection of world flags to find national banners from all over the planet. Our collection of American flags in unmatched and includes flags for every setting and location. See our indoor flag accessories and outdoor flagpole parts for replacement or finishing parts. See our custom products and property management to find more items to fulfill your needs. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more information. 

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