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Lithuania Flags

The flag of Lithuania is a symbol for its past heroes and pay tribute to its natural wealth and beauty. These flags are available for indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor flag is available in 4 sizes and can be used in all weather conditions. The indoor flags measure 3’x5’, we also offer small Lithuanian national flags for handheld and table top displays. For more details see the description at the bottom or click on an image below. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The national Lithuania flag features a three stripe design in which all bands are equally sized. The top stripe is colored yellow, the next is green and the bottom stripe appears in red. The yellow color signifies the sun and the fields of wheat in Lithuania. The green stripe represents the forests of Lithuania and its rural areas. The red stripe pays respect to heroes in Lithuanian history and the patriotic spirit. The current version of the flag of Lithuania was conceptualized and produced in 1918. The flag’s design was designed by a special commission consisting of a two Lithuanian artists, Tadas Daugirdas and Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, and activist Jonas Basanavičius who played a vital role in the Lithuanian National Revival and was the founder of the first Lithuanian newspaper. The design was written in as the flag of Lithuania in 1918 but was suppressed in 1940 with the Soviet Union’s annexation and re adopted in 1989. The flag underwent several changes, the latest of which happened in 2004 where its dimensions were altered.

Our national Lithuania flags can be displayed in outdoor and indoor settings. The outdoor flag is fitted with a header and grommets and available in four sizes. These flags can be attached to any of our outdoor flagpoles. The indoor flag measure 3’x5’ and has a vibrant finish thanks to its nylon flag material. These flags can easily be flown on our parade and indoor flagpoles. Use our mini flag stands to create and upright display with the miniature Lithuanian flags.

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