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Liberia Flags

The Liberia Flag epitomizes the character of Africa’s oldest black republic. We supply indoor, outdoor and miniature versions of the national flag of Liberia. The outdoor flags are ideal for dry and wet conditions, while the indoor flag comes fitted with a gold fringe. The mini flag is ideal as a giveaway of decorative item. For more information click on a product image of your choice. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Liberia flag displays the nation’s historic connection to the U.S. The flag is made up of eleven alternating red and white stripes with a blue canton that features a white, five-pointed star. The Eleven stripes symbolize the signers of the Liberian Declaration of Independence. Red and white signify excellence and courage. The white star characterizes the freedom of ex-slaves and blue represents Africa. The Liberia flag echoes the Liberian motto, “The Love of liberty brought us here.” This flag is one of the oldest national flags in Africa, adopted in 1847.

Carrot-Top offers high quality outdoor Liberia flags with a header for added strength and grommets that allow the flag to be attached to any of our commercial or residential outdoor flagpoles. The indoor flags feature a gold fringe ideal for official flag displays and for special occasions. These flags can also be used with any of our indoor flag poles. The mini flag measure 4”x6” and is an inexpensive, yet versatile product. Pair one with our mini flag accessories for desktop displays.

Our vast collection of flags includes a wide variety of World flags. Our collection of American flags is unmatched. We also provide indoor flag pole accessories and outdoor flag pole parts to complete your flag display. See our custom made products and property management items to find more items to fit your needs. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more details. 

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