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Latvia Flag

The national flag of Latvia has a simple design and its red color is said to be a symbol of its past heroes and the courage of the dedication of the Latvian people towards their country. The flags can be bought in three variations for indoor, outdoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flag is ideal in any weather and the indoor flag is ideal in parades and for use in government buildings or other official displays. The mini flags are attached to a 10” staff for both hand held and table top display. For more details click on an image below or scroll down to the description at the bottom. 

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

The national Latvia flag has a red background with a single white stripe that runs horizontally through the middle of the flag. The Latvian flag looks almost identical to the Austrian national flag and both flags have similar legends tied to their origins. The Latvian flag’s design is said to have been the result of a Latvian tribal chief being wrapped in a white sheet after being mortally wounded. The white stripe is where he would’ve laid while blood flowed from his body to either side, staining them in red. The blood soaked sheet with its white line was then said to have been flown in the next battle marking the first ever time a flag of this design was used. The flag was officially adopted as the national banner of Latvia in 1923 by parliamentary decree.

We offer Latvian national flags in three variations. The outdoor flag is available in four sizes, ideal for long-term use in any weather and can be fitted on to any of our commercial flagpoles or outdoor home flagpoles. The indoor flags can be used with any of our parade and indoor flagpoles. They come with an attached gold fringe and a pole sleeve for the flagpole. The mini flag measure 4”x6” and the attached plastic staff fits perfectly with our mini flag bases.

Browse the world flags category and the American flags category for more options. For a completed flag display add our indoor flagpole accessories or additional parts for outdoor poles. For more information about the items seen on our website contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524. 

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