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Laos Flags

Laos Flags reflects the nation’s natural riches and the struggle for freedom. Carrot-Top’s Laos national flags are fashioned in three varieties- outdoor, indoor and miniature which allow you to celebrate and honor Laos in almost any location or any event. Outdoor flags are made with superior nylon and feature brass grommets for easy attachment to and removal from flagpoles. Indoor Flags have a lined pole sleeve and look great in ceremonial presentation and parades. Carrot-Top also features miniature Laos flags which are perfect for hand held use. For more information click an item below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Laos Flags showcase this proud nation’s path to freedom and its status as a modern nation.  The flag consists of three horizontal bands of red, blue and red. A white circle is charged in the center of the blue band.  The white circle represents the moon shining over the MeKong River. The blue stripe represents wealth while the red symbolizes the blood shed during the internal struggle for freedom. Laos or the Lao’s People’s Democratic Republic is located in Southeast Asia.  Laos dates its history to the kingdom of Lan Xang which existed around the 14th century.

Our Laos Flags are superior flags with excellent craftsmanship. Outdoor Flags are available in multiple sizes ranging from 2’x3’ to 5’ x8’. These flags feature a strong canvas header and create distinguished displays with any of our outdoor flagpoles.  Indoor flags showcase plush gold fringe and a beautifully lined pole sleeve.  The Indoor version of the flag of Laos is the perfect choice for official presentations and parades. Carrot-Top offers the finest indoor or parade flagpoles to pair with your indoor flag.  4”x 6”Hand Held flags are also available and make great gifts and tokens of heritage to affordably share with others.  Shop Carrot-Top’s collection of World flags and American flags  for superior flags of all sizes and varieties.  Our indoor flagpoles accessories and outdoor flagpole accessories allow you to create great, long-lasting displays. For more information about any Carrot-Top item call (800)628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service experts.

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