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Kenya Flags

The Kenya Flag is a great representation of the nation’s rich history and culture. Buy a water-resistant outdoor nylon Kenya flag ideal for use in dry and wet weather. For an official flag display try our indoor flags with a gold fringe. We also offer mini Kenya flags ideal for desktop and handheld displays. For more about each type of flag click on a product image below.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Kenya flag is based on that of the Kenya African National Union, the political party that played a vital role in achieving independence for Kenya. The flag features three horizontal stripes, black, red and green with two thinner white lines placed in between the stripes. Black denotes the people while red signifies the blood shed during the nation’s fight for independence.  Green represents Kenya’s fertile landscape and white indicates peace. In the center of the flag is a Maasai shield with two spears. This symbol is representative of traditional life in Kenya and also serves as a reminder of the violent path to freedom.

Carrot Top’s Kenya flags are constructed for three different settings and displays. We have outdoor Kenya flags, indoor flags and a miniature Kenya flag. The outdoor flag comes fitted with a header and grommets and can be flown on any of our outdoor flag poles. The indoor flag comes fitted with a bright gold fringe and a pole sleeve that can accommodate our indoor and parade flagpoles. Miniature flags measure 4”x6” and come connected to a plastic staff. These mini Kenya flags can be coupled with our mini flag accessories for great displays.

Browse all of our international flags and our American flags to find flags to fit any need. See our exclusive Beacon® nylon American flag and the Patriarch® polyester American flags. We also supply outdoor flag pole parts and indoor pole accessories to finish your flag display. For more information contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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