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Kazakhstan Flags

Kazakhstan flags symbolize the unity, principles and hopes of the nation with simple elegance and deep significance. These flags are designed in three varieties with multiple sizes. Outdoor flags are made in four sizes and are crafted for all-weather use. Indoor flags feature plush gold fringe and bold colors. Hand-held flags are also available. For more information click an image below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Kazakhstan flags display a beautiful and simple design that is rich with significance and meaning. The flags have a solid blue background which signifies peace and unity. The Sun on the flag symbolizes the source of life and energy. The flag also features 32 beams, each shaped like a grain, as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The eagle on the flag represents power of the state.  The national ornament on the left identifies the culture and traditions of Kazakhstan.  The Republic of Kazakhstan is a country located in South Asia.  Kazakhstan was the last of the Soviet republic to declare its independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

Our Outdoor Kazakhstan flags are available in several sizes sure to fit your flagpole. These flags are built for long term use in moderate climates with milder winds.  The Indoor version of the flag of Kazakhstan  features a plush gold fringe and creates sleek and classic, professional displays.  Indoor flags are ideal for official presentations and parades.  Carrot-Top also provides hand held or miniature Kazakhstan flags that are great for sharing with friends, family and neighbors.  Carrot-Top fashions a broad array of products that showcase Kazakhstan.  Shop our indoor flagpoles, commercial flagpoles and residential flagpoles for our full range of options. Our indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole accessories allow you to create the perfect display. Carrot-Top also provide a full range of World flags  as well as beautiful American flags. Our graphic artists are able to replicate your logos, pictures and images onto any of our custom products. For more information about any Carrot-Top item or for assistance placing an order, call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our customer service experts.

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