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Ireland Flags

Ireland flags are often called the Irish Tricolor and are depicted with the colors of green, white and orange. The green signifies the Gaelic tradition of Ireland while orange denotes the followers of William of Orange who defeated his uncle and father-in-law King James II (England, Ireland and Scotland). The white symbolizes the hope of peace between the groups. The flags made its first appearance as a gift to Thomas Francis Meagher from French women sympathetic to the Irish cause in 1848. The flag was adopted in 1916 by the Easter Rising Rebels and then by the Irish Republic during the Irish War of Independence. The flag is intended to symbolize the inclusion and hoped for union of all people of Ireland from different traditions.







Our Ireland flags are fashioned with the finest materials and showcase beautiful artistry. Ireland flags are crafted with superior, woven nylon that resists damage caused by the sun, winds and rain.  Carrot- Top tailors its nylon Ireland flags with tough but lightweight material that flies beautifully in the air. Outdoor Ireland flags are designed with a strong and durable canvas header and brass grommets. Indoor Ireland flags feature a lined pole sleeve and plush, traditional gold fringe. Mini Ireland flags allow you to hold your Irish pride in the palm of your hands. These flags and our Ireland flag lapel pins are great tokens of heritage to share with others.  Our flags, patriotic and custom items are all constructed with the superior materials and must meet the highest standards. Our American flags include our exclusive Patriarch® Polyester American flag and the Beacon® Nylon American flag. Be sure to browse through our collection of flagpole and flag sets so you can display your Ireland flag for all to see. For more details about our Ireland flags call (800) 628-3524 and speak with any member of our customer service team.

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