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Honduras Flags

The Honduras flag honors the country’s rich traditions as one of Central America’s most vibrant nations. Adopted on March 7, 1866, the national flag of Honduras replicates the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America.   Honduras joined the United  Provinces of Central America in 1823 and adopted their flag. The Honduras flag  contains three horizontal bands, one white and two cerulean blue. The outer Cerulean bands represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea along with the blue sky and brotherhood.  The inner white band represents the land between the ocean and the sea. The five cerulean five-pointed stars, which are arranged in an X pattern, denote the five nations of the former Republic of Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) and the hope that the nations may form a union again. 

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3 Item(s)

Honduras, officially the Republic of Honduras, is located in Central America. Honduras has been the site of many important cultures including the Mayans,  Sumo, Lencas, Tols  and the Pech or Paya. These groups traded and interacted with one another years before Columbus explored the country in 1502. Honduras later became a Spanish colony and has been referred to as Spanish Honduras. The nation became independent in 1821 and from that time has been a republic.

Our Honduras flags are available in several varieties which allow you to show off your love for Honduras.   Our Outdoor Honduras Flags are made in several sizes sure to fit your flagpole. Outdoor flags feature brass grommets which make attachment to and removal from our flag pole quick and easy. These flags feature intricately stitched, reinforced fly-ends and bright, beautiful colors that don’t fade. Indoor Honduras flags are built with a lined pole sleeve and plush gold fringe around three sides.  Carrot-Top’s indoor flags create exceptional displays. 4”x6” miniature Honduras flags are also available and make great tokens of heritage to share with friends, family and neighbors. Order your Honduras Flags now and   celebrate Honduras.  Be sure to shop our vast collection of outdoor flagpoles accessories, indoor flagpoles accessories and more. Our collection of flags includes World flags , Historic International Flags, our Exclusive Beacon® Nylon American flag and the Patriarch® Polyester American flag. Call (800)628-3524 to speak with and of our customer service representatives.

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