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The Guinea-Bissau flag pays tribute to the Pan- African movement and recognizes the abundant natural resources of the nation.  Pick out an outdoor or indoor Guinea-Bissau flags for your display. Both flags are made of nylon and are extremely light but durable. We also offer a miniature version of the national flag of Guinea-Bissau for desktop and handheld use. Click on an image below to learn more about a product. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Guinea- Bissau flag features the traditional Pan-African colors of red, gold and green along with the Black Star of Africa. The flag closely resembles that of Ghana and Benin. The flag design features three equally sized rectangles. The yellow and green stripes are placed horizontally towards the fly end of the flag and the red stripe is placed vertically, on the hoist of the flag. In the foreground of the red stripe is a black five-pointed star. The red stripe and star of the Guinea-Bissau flag is a representation of the nation’s west coast and its capital. The color red signifies the blood lost in conflict. The two yellow and green stripes represent the savannas of the north and the green jungles of the south respectively. The current flag design was adopted in 1961.

Buy an outdoor Bissau flag for all weather displays in moderate winds. These flags are made of durable nylon material and are extremely light allowing them to fly proudly in the lightest breeze. Use one of the indoor flags for an official flag display with a gold fringe. These flags can be displayed on any of our indoor and parade flag poles. The mini flags are ideal for use with our mini flag accessories and come with an attached plastic staff.

Browse our entire collection of world flags and our vast range of American flags. We offer outdoor flag poles for commercial use and for residential use. Pick out outdoor flag pole parts and indoor flag pole accessories to cap off your flag display in style. Browse our custom products and our property management goods. For more about our products call us on (800)628-3524. 

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