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Greece Flags

The Greece flag features a nine-stripe design said to be based on the country’s motto, “Freedom or Death”, each stripe represents a syllable in the Greek version of the motto. Our Greek flags are available for outdoor, indoor and mini flag showcases. All our indoor and outdoor flags are made for long term use. The outdoor flag is ideal for use in all-weather displays and the indoor flag is perfect for official use in government buildings. For more information click on an image below. 

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

The Greek national flag is made of nine alternating blue and white stripes. The flag also features a blue canton (square on the upper left corner of the flag) with a white cross on it. The origin of the flag design is unclear and there are several legends about the significance of the nine stripes. Two of the main ones claim that the stripes represent the syllables in the country’s motto while another legend dictates that the 9 stripes signify 9 Goddesses. The Greek flag’s colors, blue and white, are intricately weaved in to Greek culture throughout the years. These two colors represent the sky and the sea both of which play a large role in Greek Mythology and rich cultural heritage. The flag design was first adopted in 1978 but the blue and white stripe design have been used on flags since the 19th century.

We have Greece flags for all situations and setting. See our outdoor flags ideal in both wet and dry conditions. These flags can be flown on any of our commercial flagpoles and out in-ground residential flagpoles. The indoor Greek flags come with a gold fringe made of rayon and a pole sleeve to insert a parade or indoor flagpole for upright displays. The mini flags measure 4”x6” and come attached to a plastic staff perfect for handheld use or for desktop use with our mini flag bases.

Our collection of World flags and American flags houses products for any situation. Complete your flag display with our indoor flagpole parts and out outdoor flagpole replacement parts. For more information call us today on (800)628-3524. 

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