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Gabon Flags

The Gabon national flag identifies the African nation with distinction and beauty. Buy an outdoor, indoor or miniature flag with the official flag design. Outdoor flags are ideal for any outdoor pole, indoor flags feature a gold fringe for added effect and the miniature flags are ideal as gifts or as desktop ornaments. For more information click on a product image below. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Gabon flag is made up of three stripes of green, yellow and blue. The yellow stripe mimics the Equator which runs across the country. Yellow also signifies the sun and Gabon’s warm tropical climate.  Green denotes the nation’s natural resources and its lush, green forests. The forests of Gabon are considered one of the most important economic sources. The blue represents the sea and Gabon’s extensive coastline. Gabon’s flag sets itself apart from many African flags in that it was adopted soon after gaining independence from France, most African nations did not adopt a national banner till about a year after independence.

Outdoor Gabon flags are ideal for displays in moderate winds. The outdoor flags feature reinforced fly ends and a header and grommets. The flags are designed for long-term use. Indoor Gabon flags feature a nylon blend material and come with a gold rayon fringe ideal for official or professional flag displays in any setting. The 4”x6” mini Gabon flags are made of durable polyester material.  The mini flags are an inexpensive giveaway and make great table ornaments with our mini flag accessories.

For a full flag display, pick out an outdoor commercial or residential pole to fly our outdoor flags. The indoor flags can be paired easily with our indoor and parade poles. Create a unique mini flag display using our mini flag accessories as well. Complete the flag display with indoor flagpole accessories and outdoor flagpole parts. Browse our American flag category and our custom items to find more. For more details contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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