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Finland Flags

The national Finland flag is also known as the “Siniristilippu” or “Blue Cross flag”. Much like other Scandinavian national banners, these flags have a Nordic cross (Scandinavian cross) which runs across the flag. Our national Finnish flags come in three varieties ideal for all settings. Both our outdoor and indoor flags are made for long term displays. The mini Finland flag is ideal for table top displays. For more information about each flag type click on an image below. 

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

The national flag of Finland is made up of a blue Nordic or Scandinavian cross placed on a white bright white background. The blue cross is a symbol of Christianity and acts as a reminder of how important a part religion, in particular Christianity, played in the nation’s history. The blue color of the cross is said to be a symbol of Finland’s lakes and the sky while the white background is a symbol for snow and the country’s iconic white summer nights.

Our Finland flags come in outdoor, indoor and mini styles. The outdoor flags have a header and grommets to allow for them to be flown on any of our outdoor flagpoles. The indoor Finnish national flags have a gold fringe and a pole sleeve to accommodate a parade or indoor flagpole. The mini flags measure 4”x6” and can be used with our mini flag accessories for table top displays and more.

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