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European Union Flags

The European Union Flag, contrary to popular belief, is a banner that represents all Europeans and not just the European Union’s Member states. It is also referred to as the flag of Europe or the European flag.  Our EU flags are available in 3 varieties for use in outdoor, indoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather use. The indoor flags come fitted with a gold fringe and the mini flags measure 4”x6”, ideal for a desktop or handheld display. For more about each type of EU flag click on an image below. 

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

The EU flag features an azure (blue) background with 12 five-pointed, yellow stars arranged in a circle centered on the flag. The flag of Europe is meant to stand for the unity amongst the people of Europe. The 12 stars act as a symbol for unity, solidarity and harmony in Europe. The circle is also a symbolic representation of unity that exists within Europe. The number of stars (12) is said to be a symbol of perfection although most mistake this number as a representation of the original members of the European Union. The flag was first designed and used by the Council of Europe, a body governing culture and human rights in Europe. After several years, in 1985 the EU flag was adopted by the European Communities which later became the European Union.

Our EU flags are ideal for any flag display. See our outdoor flag fitted with a header and grommets for secure attachment to any outdoor flag pole. These flags are made of high-quality nylon material designed for all-weather use. The indoor flags are also made of nylon and have a glossy finish with a gold fringe. The flags can be displayed on any of our indoor and parade flagpoles. The mini flags are ideal for use with the mini flag accessories.

Browse all of our world flags and see our collection of American flags as well. We also provide indoor flagpole parts and outdoor flagpole parts to customize or reinforce your flagpoles. Carrot-Top Industries also offers a wide range of custom made products. For more information contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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