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Ethiopia Flags

The Ethiopia flag radiates with history, meaning and significance. The flags are available for sale in several varieties. The outdoor Ethiopia flags are solid outdoor flags that feature a header and grommets for attachment. We also offer an indoor flag with a gold fringe ideal for any official display. The Ethiopia flag is also available in a miniature 4”x6” size. Click on an image below for more information about each flag type. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Ethiopia flag - design features three stripes colored green, yellow and red banner with a blue disc and a yellow five pointed star outline placed in the center. The flag’s colors date back to Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II, the son of Menelik I, the legendary son of the Queen of Sheeba and Solomon.  Green symbolizes the land while red denotes strength and yellow stands for peace and hope. The star attests to Ethiopia’s bright future while it also expresses the nation’s legacy with the House of King Solomon.

Outdoor Ethiopia flags are built using heavy-weight nylon for extended use in both dry and wet weather and moderate wind speeds. These flags come with a header and grommets and can be attached to any of our outdoor commercial flagpoles or residential flagpoles. The mini Ethiopia flags are ideal for special events, desktop ornaments and handheld displays. These flags can be coupled with our mini flag accessories.

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