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Eritrea Flags

The Eritrean flag bears the hope of a nation beginning a new journey of prosperity and peace. These flags are available in several sizes and three different styles. The flags are available for indoor, outdoor and miniature flag displays. For more about each of the Eritrean flags click on a product image of your choice. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Eritrea flag consists of a red triangle interfacing with green and blue triangles. Red signifies the blood shed fighting for Eritrean independence. The triangles mimic the shape of the Eritrea.  Green symbolizes agriculture while blue denotes the waters of the nation, particularly the Red Sea. The flag also features a gold wreath placed in the center of the red triangle made up of three olive branches. The wreath has 30 leaves, each leaf represents a year of civil war and unrest that eventually opened the door to independence for Eritrea. This design for the national Eritrean flag was first used in an official capacity in 1993 at the proclamation of independence.

Our outdoor Eritrean flags are available in four different sizes all of which are fitted with a strong header and grommets on the hoist end. The header prevents the flag from fraying with time and the grommets allow for a flag hook to be attached to the flag. The indoor flags measure 3’x5’ and have a gold fringe for added effect. These flags are fitted with pole sleeves for attachment. For a giveaway or to use as a desktop ornament use our 4”x6” miniature flags.

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