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Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo flag nobly asserts the nation’s pictorial pathway to a bright future. Our DR Congo flags are available in three variations for outdoor, indoor and desktop or handheld use. Our outdoor flags come in four sizes. The indoor flags are fitted with a gold fringe and measure 3’x5’. The mini DR Congo flags measure 4”x6”. Click on a product image below to learn more about it. 

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo flag shows a sky blue flag adorned with a yellow five-pointed star on the top left or hoist end of the flag. In the foreground is a thick diagonal red stripe in between two smaller yellow stripes. The stripe extends from the top right or fly end of the flag to the bottom left or hoist end. Blue represents peace and harmony while yellow star signifies prosperity. Red honors the blood shed by those who fought for the independence. The DR Congo flag symbolizes the nation’s return to the hopes that tomorrow will be brighter. This flag was first designated as the national flag in 1963 but was replaced in 1966. The design was reinstated as the National flag of the DR Congo, or “The Third Republic”, in 2006 by then president Joseph Kabila.

Pick out a DR Congo flag for your needs. Our outdoor flags feature a header and grommets and are made of durable nylon for long term use in moderate winds and all weather conditions. Our indoor flags feature vibrant colors ideal for any official display indoors. These flags are also made of a nylon blend making them ideal for long term use. The DR Congo flag is also available in a miniature 4”x6” size, perfect as a gift to honor DR Congo or as a desktop display.

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